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Hey guys! Over the years I've compiled quite the list of my favorite activities, behaviors, and moments that I look for with my ideal clients at their sessions with me. So I decided to write a fun little blog on some of the things that I personally love as lifestyle photographer! I'm pretty sure most of us in the lifestyle lane of photography will agree with these 4 things below! 

I absolutely love my clients, and I'm pretty sure I have been blessed with some of the kindest, most down to earth humans possible. That does not go without saying that there's been a few 'moments' over the years that have really made me leave sessions scratching my head, and feeling defeated. Let me just say, as observers I think we get a good look into the dynamics of your relationships in that short time frame your with us for your photo shoot, it truly is eye opening and most of the time extremely rewarding!

I have left many sessions envious of the amazing bonds my couples share, and the sheer tender sweet moments with their kids ( totally heart warming! ) I've also left sessions feeling not so great ( totally bound to happen a few times! ). Sometimes parents are stressed, their kids aren't listening, maybe the parents just got into a fight on the car ride over, who knows...but let me just say we can sense it! It's our job to ensure that you and your kiddos have a blast so we can capture the genuine happiness and love you share together! 

These 4 things lifestyle photographers love below are some key factors that will have not only you, but your photographer jumping for joy after your session! 


#1. "Cheese" 

You guys...as an artist who prides herself on getting those real smiles the word " cheese " makes me cringe! This delicious word unfortunately does not produce genuine smiles ( unless there is literally cheese melted on some french fries in front of their face ) just me? no? yeah you know you love cheesy fries! 


What produces the real smiles? You guys enjoying your little ones! Dancing with them, tickling them, chasing them, telling them silly secrets. These are all activities we prompt you to do with your kids to get those magazine cover worthy moments! It works!!! So the point I'm trying to make here is that you will be exhausted once your session is over... but guess what? so will your kids haha! I'm just looking out for your cardio workout, and for your babies naps #yourwelcome haha!!! You'll leave your photo shoot feeling like you where having a fun family day out and it will not have felt like "hard work". I have yet to hear a client say their time with me was not a fun!


#2 Let them have fun, let them get dirty. 

" at the end of the day their feet should be dirty, hair messy, and eyes sparkling "

If you are parents you know that kids absolutely do not like to sit still. They want to run around, and explore, and touch EVERYTHING. They want to play with sticks, put their hands in the dirt, throw the leafs, and pick the flowers. Let them! This is a lifestyle photographers dream come true! When we see kids enjoying their surrounding we go crazy for it.

My personal method of photographing kids is to just observe and follow. I often direct the parents to go where their kids go and be a part of their exploration. This is what childhood is all about! This day and age I think it's so detrimental to document them this way! Technology has really taken away a lot of the key factors that childhood should be all about. No ipads, no iphones, no tv, just kids being kids. So what if their hands are dirty, they are living the life in that moment. Embrace it! 

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#3. Volnerability

We love love love when you guys let your walls down and just be who you are. At the end of the day we are setting out to document your love and connection as it is. Let your freak flag fly. Don't be afraid to bring out your goofy side, or show us some of the "weird" things you guys do that your kids just find hilarious! It's a judgment free zone! This also goes with saying, when booking your photographer make sure they are someone you bond with! This will make the session go so smoothly. People are not a one size fits all, making sure you love more than just their images is very important!

From a photographers perspective, I can typically sense your nerves, and feel your tension. The first 10 minutes of a session are usually spent getting acquainted, asking your kids questions, letting them get used to me, and getting to better know you guys. 


#4 Trust

Please trust us and our vision, I've gotten some strange looks over the years when prompting my client to go certain places or do certain activities. There is always a method behind the madness. We always have your safety, and best interest in mind! Want an example? you got it duude! Ok so often I'll ask ( usually larger groups or families with older kids ) to give me their best obnoxious fake laugh. More often then not this triggers eye rolls, or questionable faces...but guess what!?!?! those awkward fake laughs always turn into real ones..and BAM I have the most genuine moment captured forever!

When you show up and your up for just about anything we ask it truly is heaven to our ears! Thank you, your the real MVP!


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xoxo SAM