Breastfeeding Photo Shoot | Clearwater FL


Breastfeeding, it truly is magical. The fact that our bodies can create nourishment for our babies is so fascinating to me ( a womens body truly is remarkable in many ways )! Breastfeeding is not a guarantee, it's not easy, and for some it lasts months, and others it lasts for years. I have personally been on both ends of motherhood in terms of formula vs breastfeeding, and let me just say AS LONG AS YOUR BABIES ARE HEALTHY AND HAPPY IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW THEY ARE FED! 

My son was formula fed, and my daughter has been breastfed ( well breastfeeding still ) I wish I knew then what I know now, but 9 years ago breastfeeding was not "as" normalized as it is becoming today, I would not have been able to do it even if I tried, there where no pumps provided by insurance back then, and being a teenage mom working that restaurant life there's no way I could have stuck with it, I quite frankly would have quit right away anyhow! Breastfeeding is not something you can just "do". 

Breastfeeding takes dedication, pain, tears, patience, and all of your energy... flat out it's not easy! Once you get past the hurdles of being a new mom breastfeeding ( which for me meant mastitis, and months of thrush, tears, and a few very gory details I'll leave out haha ) it's the most amazing experience and bond. I came very close to quitting with Ellie and I gave it one more week and here we are 16 months later! hell yeah buddy!

Anyways the point I'm trying to make here is that breastfeeding is frickin hard, for the women who are able to do it ( because there are many women out there that just cannot do it, it doesn't always work out, sometimes our babies won't latch, sometimes out bodies don't produce enough etc.  ) I truly believe we should be documenting this moment in time as best as we can. Breastfeeding is a gift. A small window of time in motherhood that should be cherished forever. I knew once I started nursing with Ellie that I wanted breastfeeding photography be a service I specialize in, and here I am, just absolutely obsessed with it! 

Meet Brittany + Leo!!

Little Leo was hilarious, he was so intrigued with looking at my daughter as she was crying - because god forbid I put her down for one second hahaha! He was laughing at her, and every time my shutter would click he would stop nursing to look at me with his cute big brown eyes! Their mother / son bond was just absolutely adorable to watch and I'm so grateful they stepped in front of my lens for this event.