I have completely fallen in love hardcore with maternity portraits. In all honesty, years ago if you would have asked me how I felt about maternity sessions I would have said " I like them but not as much as family sessions " and that's because I always found maternity sessions to be so challenging for me artistically. There's only so many ways to showcase a baby belly and only so many ways to place your hands, I just always kind of felt stuck on what to do with them.

All of these thoughts flew out the window when I got pregnant with my second. I became infatuated with pregnancy, I loved my baby belly! I had this passion in my soul to document pregnancy in a new light.

In the most recent months I have started a collection of maternity gowns, and accessories.  I'm simply obsessed with all things motherhood!! 


Meet Crystal!!! She is one beautiful soul. She is expecting her 5th baby boy, and having met + documented her family I can tell you those boys have one loving momma! Oh also...Crystal is to thank for always making me feel beautiful in the hair department! She is my go to gal for all things haiiiiiiirrrrr!