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Heyyyyyyyyy! I’m Samantha! The lady behind the lens!

Please feel free to call me Sam ( that’s my ganster name ) not really but …

I have been rocking mom jeans since 2009 and have 2 little ones

The Boy: Jaiden // 10

The Girl: Ellie // 2

Me and my BOO THANG ( David ) have been together for 11 years! We got hitched in August of this year, and are expecting our 3rd and last baby in March of 2020! Things are about to get a lot more crazy around these parts!

us, taking life pretty seriously

I am a total free spirit with a hippie soul who loves to explore, eat , and drink iced coffee.

Making people laugh is my side hustle.


When I’m not being a boss mom you can find me exploring nature with my family, soaking up the sun at the beach, and documenting those special every day life moment’s in between!


Why Motherhood Photography?

 What is my inspiration?

Everyday real life moments with my family…

I truly am just a momma, with a huge fear of memory loss trying to document every single important memory of my day to day life to pass down to my kids.

Making sure I have an honest legacy of tangible prints to give my kids and their kids is all that matters at the end of the day! As a mom I want to make sure I am archiving our family history to pass down for generations!


Here’s the not so beautiful truth about my “why”. Sometimes in life we don’t realize how precious being a mother is until we’ve experienced dark times. For me I realized how much of a gift pregnancy was when I experienced my first loss. I was completely devastated and suffered so much mentally from it. After 2 back to back loses I got pregnant with my beautiful rainbow baby ( Ellie ) and right then I knew I wanted to use my gift of photography to embrace how beautiful and special motherhood is. This is a gift not everyone will or can experience in their lifetime. We should be embracing how amazing every phase of motherhood is!

Things I Love