Momma to 3 beautiful humans! From teenage to toddlers this house is CRAZY!

I've been with my high school sweetheart since 2008 , he's my best friend and definitely the sane counterpart to ALL of my emotions haha! 

I'm truly a hippie who loves all things art and nature! 

Hi , I'm sam ...

ECLECTIC • ENNEAGRAM 4 • VIRGO • homeschooling mama • self proclaimed comedian • slight hippie • lover of all things vintage

A little more about me

why motherhood photography?

Here’s the not so beautiful truth about my “why”. Sometimes in life we don’t realize how precious being a mother is until we’ve experienced dark times. For me I realized how much of a gift pregnancy was when I experienced my first loss. I was completely devastated and suffered so much mentally from it. After 2 back to back loses I got pregnant with my beautiful rainbow baby ( Ellie ) and right then I knew I wanted to use my gift of photography to embrace how beautiful and special motherhood is. This is a gift not everyone will or can experience in their lifetime. We should be embracing how amazing every phase of motherhood is!

Over the years my why has become so much more than a story of loss, it's become a way I can help women build confidence in a time of growth and help women see their beauty outside of societal expectations of what a women is " supposed " to look like. 

I'm truly addicted to seeing women light up with confidence and self love during & after their portrait sessions with me! Getting to show you all how beautiful you are in everyone else's eyes gives me life!

of my favorite humans

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