Some upcoming changes for SHP

After going through a un-inspired rut, feeling burnt out, bored, not enjoying myself, reading endless blog's from the people who inspire me most artistically, and finally listening to my heart... there are a few things that SHP will be changing in the months coming up! 

As all of you who have worked with me know, I am a lifestyle photographer, I despise poses, fake smiles and the 2 words "say cheese". Sometimes people are too set in their ways so just relax, let go and just really let me in and get to know the real person they are and see how they naturally interact with each other!  In return I leave feeling like I have not accomplished what I intended to. I enter every session with a idea of how I want things to play out and nothing is more disappointing then seeing the opposite of that on the camera.

I'm the one to blame for that of course, and even though you guys love your images I deliver to you and I do pour my heart into making you all satisfied, I forget that I should only be capturing my visions and what makes me happy. I don't do this for money, I do this because it feeds my soul, and truly makes me happy.

Starting soon, I will only be accepting certain sessions. I want to capture real unscripted stories of your life and that means letting me into your worlds, flaws and all. I will ONLY be offering lifestyle sessions, engagements & weddings, no more lets meet up at a park and stand here and do that. Every session location will be determined upon how special that location is to you and every session will have a meaning behind it. This means that all session inquiry's will go through a pre-screening/questionnaire process before they are accepted.  I want to get to know you guys and your stories and capture your real connections with your loved ones. If this means I don't stay busy, and I'm not booked up months in advance that's fine. 

I understand that this is not for everyone, and that's perfectly ok with me. I appreciate and admire all different genre's of photography so I totally get it if I'm not the one for you!  I know that me asking you guys to let me into your personal space is a lot to ask but,  I cannot just "take pictures" anymore, I want to capture your life and the essence of your being.  

As these changes are coming into effect in the near future, some other changes are on their way also

My session prices will me making a increase as I have decided to make SHP official and become a business within the next few months. Not only will they increase for business purposes but they will increase for the sole purpose of giving you all more with your session! This means nice little treats you can admire forever!

I really cannot express enough how much I cherish all of you who I have had the honor of meeting & becoming friends with through my photography, and I hope you all stick by my side through this new process!

With TONS & TONS of L O V E,



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