SHP | Moments Captured

There's a sense of calmness that has come along with my decision to take a little leave of absence from accepting any photo shoots for the next few months.

I'm on a journey really, to better myself to re-create my art and to really just work on what makes my heart whole. I know I've mentioned before that I'm only accepting lifestyle sessions, but lifestyle has different meanings to different people. To me it means just being a fly on the wall and observing your natural interactions among each other. The only way I know how to show you all what I'm talking about it to capture myself in my own life. Over the next few months I will be working very hard on growing + getting my art to the place I envision it & when I do finally come back to taking on photo sessions again it will be a whole new experience for everyone. So I hope you all enjoy the moments I'll be capturing + sharing with you from my life over the next few months! 

Here's some moments from the Hayn/Thach household from the past 2 weeks. Enjoy!!