Downtown Dunedin | Photo Walk

In the more recent months I've been so lucky to become a part of a small community of amazing supporting women who share so much in common! What brought us all together was our love for one amazing art called photography. I was so apprehensive to attend the photo walk not because I didn't think we wouldn't all get along or it would be "awkward" or anything but just because I tend to be a loner...and I'm quite the introvert ( I can be a extrovert sometimes but mainly I'm like a hermit crab haha  ) Ever since I started photography 3+ years ago I never really had any close photographer friends to hangout with, vent to, and go shooting with. I'm so happy I put my big girl pants on, stepped out of my personal  bubble and met these ladies. It was indescribable to be around a group of gals who just "get it" & don't judge you at all. I look forward to many more photo walks with this amazing group and can't wait to meet more of the ladies who've joined since the last walk.

P.S I didn't get as many images of all of you ladies talking pictures like others did lol it was my first walk and I didn't want to seem like a creep snapping pictures of you all since you just met me haha. I was trying to stay out of everyone's way to not ruin anyone's pictures because I photo bombed you. I'm just a weirdo like that!