SHP | Personal Post // Update

So far on this photo session break of mine I've...

Found a boat load of inspiration! So many ideas running through my head that I cannot wait to capture [ eventually ] !  Even though I took a break from accepting new session's I'm still a busy little bee. I had my first 2 wedding's in one month happen, which does not sound crazy, but for me it was! I work full time and the weekends + evenings are the only spare time I have [ for the most part ] - I edit at work in my down time! Having a laptop finally is a lifesaver! On top of the 2 wedding's in 1 month...I had a 1 year old session, and a engagement session so I've been editing NON-STOP for the past month and a half! I'm very very very happy I did not take on any new session for this month or I'd be a huge ball of stress. 

I've also taken a HUGE step in the right direction which will be revealed hopefully within the next few months...who knows maybe even sooner! 

I've started taking baby steps to having a home office again...and I'm working on some fun DIY projects + I'm trying to be more organized...keyword TRYING lol I'm not the most organized person unfortunately! That's the one quality I would change about myself if I could, I mean I'm sure I could...but that sounds boring and time consuming ehhh haha. Also working hard to update my portfolio on here and make some other minor changes to my website! I've got a lot going on...holy cow I just realized this as I was writing this! PHEW

Oh and also I'm a little bit behind on blogging my sessions so I will have some coming your way soon-ish! Just wanted to give everyone a update on what's been happening with your's truly. 

any-who here's a few little snippets from the sessions I've been working on recently. Previews from the engagement session are coming soon!