Photographer's Shooting Photographer's | Leila + Erin

// Leila //

Leila drove 2 hours to attend the latest photography meetup for us lady photographers, we decided since she drove so far we would make a whole day of it! After the get together we wen't and ate some taco's at the taco bus, it was all fine and dandy until it started to rain cat's and dogs haha! Wishfully thinking we headed towards the beach - hoping it would not rain there & it didn't yay!!

Leila is a photographer located in central Florida specializing in boudoir photography! 

You can view her work + show her fanpage some love here: { copy + paste this in your browser}

// Erin //

We sweat our booties off, but we still managed to have fun + capture some beautiful moments of each other! 

Be sure to show her fan page some love! Erin is a local Lifestyle Photographer who loves to photograph little ones!

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