Project 52 | List of Resources

We are only a few days away from the New Year [ 2016 ] which means for some of us It's almost time to get started on our personal photo projects! woot woot

Project 52

I have compiled a list of resources + photo list prompts for those of you who need some assistance on what exactly to shoot each week! Especially for those without any little ones running wild, you probably have no idea what to shoot!

Maybe your life isn't always so exciting, I know mine certainly isn't always capture worthy. Following a photo prompt could certainly help you to look for things you would not typically notice!

Below are some great ideas of what you can shoot each week! There is more than one, pick which one is your favorite, or compile your very own with some of the ideas of the lists below! There are no RULES!

boo!!!!!! who likes rules anyways!? - not me #rebel 

Project 52 Inspiration list


one of my FAVORITE EVER photographers Sarah Cornish of My 4 Hens hosted a P52 for 2015, with a weekly prompt for everyone, she did not make a specific list but if you look through the blog you can see everyone's open interpretation for each weekly theme and use that as inspiration! 

MY4HENS BLOG | Project 52




Happy Shooting! 

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