SHP | A Big Announcement!

you guy's I have finally found what all artists hope they can find one day

drum roll....

I found my niché!

I have finally found what I'm meant to do, what speaks to my heart and calms my soul! I'm so happy to share it with it everyone! Last year was full of so much personal growth and so many new milestones, I truly cannot wait to share my new journey through self discovery with you guys this year <3

I have decided to focus solely on the art of fine art - lifestyle portrait photography! Honestly I've been in denial about it for years, but when I look back I realize that's always been what I have been drawn to the most! When you start off as a artist I think it's definitely important to explore all areas and genres of your art  to find what speaks to you the most, and some go their whole career without ever knowing their "specialty", I believe it is truly a gift that I was able to discover mine. It certainly did not come easy, and had it not been for some amazing friends pointing things out, and really getting my mind in the right place I would not be sharing this wonderful news with everyone! 2016 is going to be epic I can just feel it! ahhhhhh

Here's too not only chasing your dreams, but finding them, holding onto them, and seeing where they can take you <3

xoxo - sam