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In my last blog post we got to meet Laura! The beautiful momma who’s story really stuck with me. Her journey through motherhood has not been easy. Her beautiful daughter had unfortunately passed a few day’s after birth. They knew their time with her would be limited due to a heart condition.

When I went to her home for their rainbow baby Everett’s newborn image reveal I was lucky enough to be able to see all the images they did have of their sweet baby girl. They grabbed their album of her and let me into their most vulnerable memories. It really hit me just how important photographs are. They are all we have when moments in life are taken from us. I am truly HONORED to be able to tell her story through welcoming her sweet baby boy.

I remember just observing her soaking in every single ounce of him.

When we lose a baby the road to emotional recovery is long. When your expecting a rainbow baby of course there is excitement, but there is also fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the what if’s. Fear of having to experience the hurt again, but hoping for the best. I can only imagine how bittersweet Laura’s first moments with her son must have been. To finally meet her healthy baby boy, hold him, and experience many first with him that she never got to with her perfect little angel.

When I arrived for her newborn session I saw her literally glowing with joy holding him. I cried happy tears in the car ride home, and I’m almost crying right now writing this.

Everette, oh Everett… you sure are loved! Also you sure do know how to WORK THE CAMERA with those big beautiful eyes of yours! He was giving me all the looks haha! He was so aware of what was going on around him and was so curious of the lady with the big black camera hovering over him haha!


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