SHP | Unseen Moments Of January 2016

I decided way back in the beginning of 2015 that I would kick off a Project 52 starting in 2016, and I was beyond excited to start it! Being a professional photographer calls for many hours of shooting, editing + delivering clients memories...but wait, what about my own? Finding time to capture your own life can be tough when you have hundreds upon hundreds of other things you need to take care of first! So I knew the perfect way for me to capture my story and document everyone else's would be to pick up my camera for myself at least one time a week! I have been posting my {P52} photo's on my personal FB page which shows one chosen image per week for a year, but what you don't realize when looking at that one image chosen for that week is all the other photo's that where snapped in order to find that one special moment! I get a little snap happy sometimes so here's a peek into the rest of the stories told! 

.................... JAN 2016 ....................

Phew!!!! I know that was A LOT to look through! I told you I tend to get a little snap happy haha. I plan on doing a monthly blog post at the end of each month to look back at all the moments in between. I cannot wait to share more with you guys as time goes on <3