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from belly to baby and beyond //

Documenting each milestone of your motherhood journey matters, because every moment passes us in the blink of an eye. Before we know it our babies will be out of our nest and all we will have to remember them by is the photographs.

Here’s a little about my story because I think it’s important to know I am coming to you from a place of experience. I have 2 babies, and have NO images of my first pregnancy, and no images of my son until he was about 4 months old due to technology failing me. Here I am today with beautiful images of my second pregnancy, and coverage from birth up until now. Not a day goes by that I wish technology didn’t fail me, or that I had at least gone through a professional who might have archived those memories so I would have something to hold onto besides very faint memories.

Momma’s…it is SO IMPORTANT to invest not only in professional photography for your life’s major milestones, but to also PRINT your memories professionally to stand the test of time and surpass the failures and evolution of technology.

As a full service photographer who’s mission is to fully take care of you every step of the way I proudly offer a full line of archival quality products to ensure your memories are safe forever.

Lets go beyond cell phone images, beyond posting images for facebook and create tangible art that we can pass down from generation to generation.

About the grow with me plan

I offer a grow with me plan which allows you to save on each season of life as a mom. I often find that moms have it in their minds that they have to choose what is more valuable to invest in photographing. Your pregnancy? Or your baby? I don’t think you should have to choose. These are both moments in time that we can’t get back. This is why I offer my momma’s a grow with me plan. This allows you to save when bundling both your maternity portraits, and your beautiful portraits snuggling with your sweet baby.

Your journey starts here! Are you ready???

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