The 4th of July has always been a favorite of mine to photograph! I love getting to experiment with low light + ambient light from the sparklers, fireworks and the streetlights! It creates such a magical vibe. 

We usually stay put at our house and have people over and enjoy our neighbor's firework show ( they literally go ALL out ) but this year we went to a friends block party! It was such a great time. The whole house had a ball pit fight, the adults got to indulge in some much needed fine spirits - if ya catch my vibe "there's a party in the USA" <- yeah I quoted Miley!! We played with sparklers + what have you... oh and the grand finale was the girl down the street's hair catching on fire, from a tiki torch of all things haha! Yes she is fine, probably just missing half her head of hair! 

I hope you guy's enjoy, and I apologize in advance for the overkill of photo's! I tend to get very snap happy.

so this was a very confusing moment, and it took a while for anyone to realize someone was lit up since at this same time one of the fireworks had fallen over we where literally all like " someone's on fire" - that was a first for me haha