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EASY // BUDGET FRIENDLY // DELISH Like most out there I have an obsession for Iced Coffee… however daily trips to Dunkin Donuts – or even more expensive Starbucks really add up!  If you’ve ever just tried to add ice to your hot coffee, something very lack luster happens…it takes like water, and nothing even […]


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yay for not only shopping local, but for having amazing talented friends! Kirsten Djonne of Lovekikikins makes amazing yoga pants + much more! I kid you not, these are the comfiest, best fitting yoga pants I’ve ever owned! So much money wasted at Victoria Secret on yoga pants that where not long enough, and shrunk a […]

Featured Post | Lovekikikins – Best yoga pants ever!

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// Leila // Leila drove 2 hours to attend the latest photography meetup for us lady photographers, we decided since she drove so far we would make a whole day of it! After the get together we wen’t and ate some taco’s at the taco bus, it was all fine and dandy until it started […]

Photographer’s Shooting Photographer’s | Leila + Erin

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This was the second pow wow I’ve attended with this group of photographer gals! The pow wow’s just keep getting better and better, and bigger too!! We talked about life, a little about camera stuff, and then shot up downtown st. pete ( with our camera’s of course ) also if I might add that if […]

Coffee + Camera’s

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In the more recent months I’ve been so lucky to become a part of a small community of amazing supporting women who share so much in common! What brought us all together was our love for one amazing art called photography. I was so apprehensive to attend the photo walk not because I didn’t think […]

Downtown Dunedin | Photo Walk