Being A Mompreneur, The Struggles Of Being A Mom & Business Owner


Feeling alone in this thing they call mompreneur life?

If you clicked on this blog either your a bossbabe momma who wants to know she’s not alone, or your just a mom who is simply curious how we “juggle it all”.

Being a entrepreneur is HARD… being a mompreneur is even HARDER!!! Girl I’m here to tell you your not alone.

Juggling work and a literal screaming toddler who likes to binge eat all day is the recipe for a stress induced brain explosion.

Working from home “trying” to run a successful business, be a “good” mom, do the house things, and still have time for “me” has been a s*** show. ( snow show duh ) I would never “cuss” get your mind out of the gutter.

*** warning - what your about to see is random photo’s of me and my cute kids. I don’t have perfectly curated content for this blog post nor do I ever have any for anything because that’s not real life.

being a entrepreneur and a mom

Why am I writing about this?

I think it’s so important to take away all the GLAM and glitter and keep it real. Isn’t is nice to know your not alone and that everyone around you is not perfect!?!?! Your darn right it is! #yourwelcome

I think being a entrepreneur can be so isolating sometimes. We get wrapped up in this perfect image of daily life we are expected to portray as moms and business owners and it’s by no means glamorous. It’s so hard. 2 full time jobs coinciding into one.

Why not embrace real life ? Real life is messy, it’s stressful, and it’s beautiful. I call it beautiful chaos.

Yesterday was one of those overwhelming I can’t do this anymore kind of days.

My daughter literally CRIED THE ENTIRE DAY despite anything I did for her. My to do list kept getting longer and longer. The time was just flying by quicker than I could catch up.

One of those day’s that I just felt like I was failing at everything. Failure as a mom, feeling guilty thinking “maybe I don’t give Ellie enough quality time each day and that’s why she’s lashing out”. "Didn’t get a booking again today, I’m failing at running my business too”. These are the mean thoughts that make their way into my head everyday and these are thoughts I have to shut down immediately! Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

I’m just a momma, doing the best she can. A momma who is spread a little too thin. Just trying to find her “way”.

A “way” to balance it all without mom guilt, and without business owner guilt ( is that even a thing? it is now haha )

I love my kids, and I love what I do for a living but sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to juggle it all and it’s ok! This is literally real life momma’s!

I may be shitty at implementing things myself ( one of my many problems ) but I have learned a few things over the last few months that would/could/will be a game changer for me and anyone else who can relate!

Tips for a overwhelmed mompreneur

  1. Always have wine on hand.

  2. Make a daily to do list to keep yourself on track.

  3. Log off of social media - there’s not enough time in the day to binge watch instagram videos of guys doing makeup better than I ever could ( anyone else watch those? just me? )

  4. Delegate specific times / days of week for certain things to get done, and stick to it!

  5. Make some time for yourself - go hide in your closet and drink some wine in peace and quiet! #tranquility - for real though take a short break just for you. Sometimes we just need to reset!!

  6. Don’t forget to feed yourself - being hangry is not a good idea with a heavy workload and a crazy toddler

  7. Don’t compare yourself to everyone around you boasting on the internet. Remember most of what you see online is a highlight reel. We never truly know how things are for everyone and we cannot assume things about peoples lives based off what they decide to put on the internet.

    I was deep in this whole for MONTHS guys! It’s not a fun place to be. Please just compare yourself to who you where yesterday! Your friggin awesome, don’t you forget it!

  8. Give yourself a pat on the back for keeping you and your kids alive!! #yousurvivedanotherday

  9. Connect with other mommas in your industry. You might feel like your all alone but your not!

  10. Just keep doing the best you can! You got this! NO ONE IS PERFECT!

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