my ellie, my chunk chunk, my little bundle of pure perfection.

you are 8.5 weeks of age, you are now mere ounces shy of 13lbs and are a little over 23 inches long. 

you finally graced us with your precious gummy smile about 2 weeks ago and your voice was soon to follow. you truly melt my heart into a pile of mush. the long wait for you was so worth it, i love you more then words can even explain...and quite frankly i love you so much i have to use every restraint in my body not to squeeze you to death.

you love my obnoxious whale sounding baby talk, and you find the word poop to be quite funny just like your big brother did! you throw a complete fit when i put you down, you want to be near me constantly - but i love it because i know a day will come when you no longer want me to hold you constantly, and that day will come within the blink of an eye.

 you probably don't love when i kiss your cheeks constantly - but i refuse to quit that...

you are more perfect than i ever could have imagined you to be, the last 8.5 weeks have been the best adventure

 // mommy loves you //