Coquina Beach Couples Session | Pregnancy Announcement


As I made my trip to Coquina Beach FL for this exciting couples session + pregnancy announcement I was getting super nervous about the weather! It was so overcast, and I remember just wishing for no rain! 

Amber and Greg where here in Florida on vacation from Colorado. They where heading back the next day so needless to say we where on a tight time frame!

 It was overcast but no rain! ( heck yes!!!! ) I actually always prefer overcast skies for beach sessions for many reasons! You get wind - which I die over since I'm obsessed with movement in my photography, and you don't have to worry about harsh sunlight and sunflare! Also from my experience, overcast skies mean epic sunsets, and sure enough...we had an epic sunset!

Amber and Greg will be welcoming their beautiful baby girl in the summer and I'm so excited for them! What a lucky baby girl to have 2 amazing, loving parents! 

Enjoy! xoxo