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Capturing The Magic Of Everyday Life

The dirty girl in the princess dress

There is so much magic in everyday moments.

Photographing daily life with my kids as it is.

No need to wipe a messy face, clean those hands, brush that hair or make sure everything is perfect.

To me this is PERFECT. This is real life.

I always take a borderline documentary approach to my family photo sessions, but when it comes to photographing my own family moments I am 100% a photo documentary momarazzi, chasing her kids around the rugged wilderness of our messy backyard, chasing them in the front yard, squatting over puddles until my legs lock up to get the shot ( rainy day / puddle jumping blog to come soon! )

Most people don’t book photo sessions that are this vulnerable and raw. Most people want the picture perfect portraits - which is fine, but I’d love for everyone to see just how perfect this mess actually is. This is what you should be paying to document every single year. The REAL SHIT.

The moments that will literally bring you back to that period in time with your kids as their imaginations soared. The moments in time where they still had that childhood innocence and sense of wander.


a momma wanting to remember it all, just the way it is.

Enjoy my messy perfect little kids!

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