There's something so inspiring about starting a new year. A clean slate, a fresh start, a chance to do better and not repeat past mistakes...you get the gist of what I'm sayin here! haha 

OH 2017, you did NOT make life easy for me. Quite frankly I spent most of 2017 waiting for it to be over...waiting for a do-over. I really had it in my mind that 2017 was cursed for me! 

When I take a step back and really look 2017 was frickin hard,  but it was amazing in so many ways! I got to do more of what I love, I focused more on personal growth and becoming a  more successful business owner. Since the day the year began my goal was to work my ass off to make my dream of going full time with my business a reality. My one goal for the entire year came true much sooner than I had anticipated ( about 6 months earlier than I had planned on to be exact ). That alone made the tail end of 2017 amazing!

TWO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN was the best and worst at the same time. I conquered my fears, pushed myself to be better, and I got to witness so many first's that I will cherish forever. Ellie sat on her own for the first time, she spoke her first words, she took her first steps,  we celebrated her first birthday, we witnessed her strong willed personality blossom, and every single day has been an adventure.

I got to spend time with so many amazing, wonderful, inspiring people from all walks of life. I got to capture so many of the families who have been with me since the beginning of my photography journey, and I've met so many new families who I just adore! I always tell myself how lucky I am to have the best clients out there, and I truly mean that! I don't know what I've done to deserve all of you in my life but I am so grateful!

In 2017 I decided to throw the rule book out the window and edit however I wanted to, captured more of what intrigues me artistically, fell hardcore in love with moody black and white edits, and realized that I was OBSESSED with incorporating water in my sessions ( thank god I live in a state that is surrounded by water hahaha ) It's been one hell of a roller coaster ride that's for sure, but such is life! 

Featured are my personal favorite client moment's. In no particular order! It was hard enough to go through all of my unorganized folders to find these and on top of that mess I literally uploaded photo's to this blog 3 TIMES due to it freezing and not working, so by the time I got them all loaded I said screw it and just left them as is! 

New goal for 2018, get more organized! 



Now booking for 2018! <3