as my due date neared i was getting more and more anxious. i had been in false labor on and off for 2 weeks prior, i was having actual contractions that would be 5 - 10 minutes apart and then they would just disappear which totally played mind games with us haha. i thought "no way she's coming on time...she's gonna be late and stubborn" but ellie had another plan. Last thursday evening ( 10/27 ) around midnight something was different, this time i know it might be "the time" so we took showers, packed last minute items, and woke jaiden up and headed for the hospital. we arrived around 2:30am - waited to be admitted until they could see that my dilation was progressing - we where admitted around 5:30am. from 5:30 on things started to get pretty intense, and progressed quite quickly ( thank god haha ). by 9:00am i was 9cm dilated with my water still in tact, after i had my water broke it was literally time to push! after about 15 minutes of pushing our perfect baby girl had arrived ( at 9:26 am 10.28.2016 ) which was her exact due date might i add! crazy right?!?

 i had decided early on in my pregnancy that i wanted an non medicated birth, i wasn't going to be harsh on myself had it not worked out in my favor, however things ended up more perfect than my wildest dreams. i was able to get through the pain of my contractions with the help of david holding me and applying pressure to my back, swaying back and forth, and lots of breathing!!! once things got too too intense i couldn't stand anymore so i laid down which was good since i was about 9cm dilated at that point. the pain was more intense then anything i could ever have imagined, but i would do a natural birth again in a heartbeat. it was a beautiful experience - and i'm so proud of myself for mentally getting through it. of course i could not have done it without our amazing nurse at morton plant hospital, and my amazing doctor ( dr. lipton ) and of course david! it was so perfect in every was possible <3

we don't have any photo's of the actual birth, however we did take video - not sure that will be shared anytime - or anytime soon, but I'm happy we have the video, i watched it yesterday and bawled my eyes out haha! these photo's document ellie madelyn's first day enjoy!

*also might i give proper photo credit to david, i can't believe how much of a great job he did capturing our story - and without any proper training might i add ;-) love you david!



we love you so much there are not even enough words to express it. 

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