Ok so as your about to see WE...well more like I have wasted no time getting Ellie Madelyn's Nursery put together. We had already purchased a crib as of like a month or maybe 2 ago! We where basically just sitting on pins and needles to find out the gender of our rainbow to move forward with designs + gendery purchases. Finally as of last Tues our verdict was in....a baby GIRL!!!!

Since the moment I found out I was expecting I've been very eager to buy things as any expecting mom would be, but with recent cutbacks and stress of life - buying baby things has been on a very tight budget. Which brings me to a very important topic otherwise known as being FRUGAL as fuck. No shame. I typically won't purchase anything unless it's in the clearance aisle, has a coupon, or is legit on sale...which brings me to my love for DIY-ing things!!!!

I love crafts. I've had these adorable mini flower pots sitting around from the dollar tree -  own acrylic paint out the wazoo, & have lots of twine lying around so I made these adorable little succulent pots! Easy peasy. Wall hanging tapestry is one of my weaknesses - which also has become quite the "thing" these day's so I jumped right onto that band wagon & made a cute little wall hanging yarn thingy with a branch from our backyard + a shmorgazboard ( or however you spell that word ) of yarn I had from a previous project. 

Now some things you just cannot make - unless your Martha Frickin Stewart. I have been searching online for months and months to find baby bedding - and a blanket alone ranges from $50 - $200 ( what?!) and crib sheets can run pretty hefty too, which don't even get me started on a darn crib bumper. We decided to cut cost and go the cheap route. We managed to find a baby blanket on clearance @ Baby's R Us for $15 - and found a crib sheet on sale for $17. That's around $35 for baby bedding! Nothing is more fulfilling then a good deal, am I right? This post is also a FYI - to tell all you mothers to be - you don't have to spend a crap ton of $ to have a beautiful nursery for your baby! Put the big bucks towards the things that matter most like a safe carseat, nice breast pump, and photo shoot ( hehe ) for when your little bundle arrives because memories are the most important of all!! 




Also going to take this post as a opportunity to post some gender reveal pics + Ultrasound pics because lets be real, this post is all about the baby!! <3

Gender Reveal Photo Credit: ASHLEY IZQUIERDO