Fort Desoto Beach Photo Session | Jaiden & Ellie

Fort Desoto Beach Photo Shoot | Jaiden & Ellie

A small field of flowers, pigtails, the boy, and lots of sass...

A little back story, I was doing a Fort Desoto family session and literally stumbled upon this small patch of tall grass and wild flowers and I just knew I HAD to go back there ASAP and do some portraits of my very own small fries!

People often tell me how cute Ellie is and I often comment back with something along the lines of " yeah she's cute, but that girl has some TUDE!!!!" I literally have photographic evidence here of that, I'm not lying this girl is a little spitfire! She's clingy, clumsy, spoiled, and a hot mess much like her momma and I love all of her little quirks so much haha!

My whole entire goal of this little session was to do some self portraits, which just WHERE NOT working out at all. Honestly I left this day feeling like I had wasted my time and I was just overly ambitious and did not capture what I set out to do, but I have to say...these ended up being some of my favorite captures of the year so far. Might I also add that I accidentally shot these in JPEG format and was actually so surprised at how well they turned out in post processing! 

Instead of self portraits I asked J man ( my 9 year old ) to at least get a few shots of me and Ellie and he just absolutely shocked me with what he caught, like this boy has some serious skills I'm so proud of him!

YOU GUYS..... the set below is ALL JAIDEN! Like shut up....for real haha <3