How to Set yourself up for Success

Life has been very trying in this past recent month, and we certainly all have our ups and downs in life. It's all about how you decide to take the bad/negative/sad and overcome it.

My personal story is this, I'm simply stuck. Stuck in debt, stuck at a job I don't like, stuck working the job I don't like just to pay off my debt, basically overworked and under appreciated among other things. I have grown tired of the "same stuff different day" routine. Quite frankly I can't stand it much longer. Driving down the same roads, walking down the same hallway, staring at the same plain white walls, organizing the same boring papers and most of all sick of dealing with the same old bull crap everyday. 

In more recent events after being pushed to tears and falling into a depressive state of mind, It finally hit me. I decided to take control of my life and my happiness I decided to stop being complacent with the boring same old routine,  to stop saying "If". 

Now I'm nowhere near reaching my "goals" but I can honestly say I'm really making a effort to change my life for the better. Which basically means I've been reading countless blogs, cowering the internet for anything that I can implement to make a difference and I wanted to share what I've learned thus far!

1. Figure out what your goals are - make a plan - give yourself a deadline.

Do not beat yourself up if things do not fall into place as you had imagined - figure out why things are not happening the way you planned and make some changes. 

2. Ask yourself - "What can I do today to get myself where I want to be tomorrow?".

Literally, Say it out loud to yourself once a day. 

3. Never take "NO" for an answer. 

Find your inner "Yes Man" and Jim Carrey the crap out of it! 

4. Get involved with your "community"

Take initiative to get to know the people around you who have similar goals + interests. Get involved with their journey! Supporting others around you is not only gratifying, but it also helps you learn and grow as well. Trust me when I say  "I know how hard putting yourself out there can be" - I'm a HUGE introvert, but Joining a community has made me so much better inside and out! Being able to find common ground with the people around you, share stories, vent to, and hangout with them has been such a blessing!

5. Take the word "IF" out of your vocabulary, and replace it with "WHEN".

IF is more of a Maybe, and maybe usually means no. Rather than saying "If I could do this" Turn it into "When I do this". This goes right back to not taking no for an answer! Once you adapt to not second guessing IF things will happen, and accept that they WILL happen you can begin to see things falling into place.

6. Take risks - get out of your comfort zone! You'll never know unless you try. 


7. Change your Passwords to a goal, or positive message .

This one probably sounds a little "crazy old cat lady-ish" and I myself said "what the heck" when I heard of this idea, but oddly enough it's becoming more and more true...

I heard from a very dear friend/psychologist major - that one way to help stay positive or to set goals for yourself is to set your passwords to a saying/quote/goal that pertains to you.  Let me just say that I did in fact change my password to my goal, and just last week I realized what I changed my password to ( a year ago ) is actually going to be a reality! I literally paid no attention to this password until recently...and it blew my mind!  

I found the article that explains further about the password magic! Click here- > Article / Can a password change your life?

8. Last but not least do NOT give up! You got this!

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