finding the time and motivation to take these was so hard! taking a shower with a newborn alone is a accomplishment these days haha. it felt nice to do my hair for the first time since ellie was made me feel like less of a slob who lays in bed most of the time - new moms you know what i'm sayin! these where taken when ellie was 3 weeks, my original intent was to get them done asap - but better late then never. i will cherish these forever and i'm so happy i took out my camera, took a shower, and did my damn hair for these moments. 

moms...don't forget to get in the frame too, pictures with your little's is super important!!!!

for those of you who haven't followed our story, or are new to shp we were blessed finally with our rainbow baby. after 2 losses, so many tears, and about 1 million pregnancy test over a 2 year span of time, we finally successfully conceived our little princess. i still can't believe it's real that i have a healthy baby girl, there where times when i thought my body was broken and having a second child just was not in the cards for me. i am so lucky and so grateful to have her. i love her so so so so much.

her humble princess room - she is spoiled already, but i don't feel as bad since i DIY-ed 75% of her room decor and we got lots of great deals online! hooray for frugal spoiling haha