Outdoor Milk Bath Session | Seminole FL | Ellie

Ok so let me be real here for a minute! The milk bath thing... I have always loved it but NEVER had intentions of doing them because everyone else has done them. I'm hard headed and did not want to jump on that bandwagon and be like everyone else - I mean it's hard enough to stand out as an artists sometimes...ok not osmetimes ALL THE TIME.

But DAMN I'm so glad I did haha! Pride was swallowed, and I took an alternte spin on them offering these outdoors. I can honestly say that I am OBSESSED, and will continue to offer these throughout the years. Babies love it, and I fricken love it. 

The cute little bundle of joy below is my little chubby squishy perfect baby girl ELLIE MADELYN - she was and will continue to be my test subject on all sorts of fun projects for you guys haha! Oh the life of a photographers child. 

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