Personal Project | Inspiration? Have I found you?

Woohoo!!! It's Friday ya'all! 

Not only am I excited because it's the brink of the weekend, but also because I have found some inspiration. [ finally ]

On Wednesday evening I took myself to my secret spot to try to get myself out of this nasty, depressing, uninspired rut I've thrown myself into & I came out with a whole new outlook. It was so calming listening to the birds chirp, watching the flowers sway in the wind, and observing the sunshine peek through the trees. I was in heaven.  I had went to my secret spot to take some self portraits since I had nothing else to photograph and I really just needed some camera therapy...after all of my observation it hit me, I started to hear a song in my head and the scenery around me started playing like a movie in my mind. I started to record my surrounding's rather than capturing it in a still frame. Granted all of the videos I took ended up being HORRIBLE because I didn't have my settings right & I deleted them all afterwords. I just could no get over the rush that came from that moment, I spent some of my day yesterday researching the basics of videography and took a few minutes of my evening to record some nature around my house. I've always been drawn to video, but just never really even tried to do it.  

One thing I love most about being a artist is the ability to become inspired from something like a song. Being able to create a different perspective of the world around you is a true gift. It's almost like taking a vacation from life and all of it's worries. What a great escape it can be.  

This song was my inspiration. 

I'm going to be working on a nice little personal project over the next few weeks or maybe even months. I cannot wait to share it with you all! & Yes, it will be a video if you where not sure!