Pinellas County Lifestyle Photographer | SHP glimpse May - June

I have literally been day dreaming about editing + uploading these images for weeks now! I've been so busy with the startup of my business + catching up on editing client sessions I just recently finished them! ( this morning to be exact ) 

These images are so close to my heart, and they truly are a glimpse into my soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do <3

Glimpse Part II 

I enticed Jaiden to come pick some wild flowers with me for a DIY project I'm currently working on & he did not really want to tag along to be quite honest, but...once we walked over to the field and we started to see all these bug's our flower pickin plans turned into a bug hunt! I would have been crazy not to bring my camera to this perfectly lit empty space full of wind flowers and a cute boy!