Project 52 | Introduction

First of all...I CANNOT believe it's almost 2016! <- what in the?!

Lets rewind to a time long long ago...11 months and 21 days to be exact....(QUE THE HARP MUSIC)

In the beginning of 2015 I decided to embark on a project 365 of my own. The first week went pretty good, second week went ok..then by the 3rd week I was completely overwhelmed and lost! Between my work schedule, sessions on the weekend, and capturing my life in-between I was drowning in unedited, unorganized chaos that was my P365! I simply could not keep up with the constant uploading of pictures, keeping track of what picture was took on what day, trying to organize folders on my computer to help with that! It was a flat out mess! I had to call it quits at that point. I was putting way too much stress upon myself, therefor making it not worth it for me. I knew at that point that I would try a project 52 once the new year was approaching, but I didn't want to start it off on a random month of the year so 2016 it twas! 

what is a project 52 ( P52 ) ?

There is no Websters dictionary definition of this, and it's truly open to your own interpretation, but the best way I can describe it is: 

Documenting your own life, journey or story one week at a time for a year.

Why do a P52?

Really to each their own. Some do it as a learning experience to push themselves to become better artists. The more you pick up that camera the better you will get! ( practice makes perfect ) - but as artist's I don't think we ever define our own work as "perfect" - so lets sub out that word for " better".

Some people simply do a personal photo project just to take the time to capture their own life in the midst of capturing everyone else's. When things get busy and we are swamped with client sessions, our own personal photo's go right on the back burner...and I'm 100% guilty of this myself. Hey, life happens. Sometimes it's hard to know when to even put the camera down and just enjoy the moment - also 100% guilty of this! 

I personally decided to do a P52 for myself, to capture my own story. I wanted to ensure that I picked up my camera at least once a week for myself, no stress of a client loving the images, creative freedom to edit however the heck I want or feel at the moment, no strings attached, just my heart and soul frozen in time one frame at a time. Nothing more than that!

I look forward to sharing my journey, inspirations, and life with all of you over the course of a year, and I know we will all do a wonderful job not only capturing our live's but also inspiring each other in the process!

* for my personal P52 I will not be following any specific weekly theme, however I will provide links to some if anyone needs some help with ideas or inspiration on what to capture from week to week! 

x0x0 - Samantha