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Saint Petersburg FL, Beach portraits

Mothers Day 2018


It's no secret that the beach is my happy place, so naturally that's where I wanted to spend Mothers Day! The forecast was not so great, but's the beach and we'd be getting wet anyhow so what difference does it make? ( as long as there's no lightning of course ) 

Perks to beach life on a muggy day: Less of a chance of sunburn, which for me is a huge win! Less people, and being able to shoot at midday sun without harsh light! BOOYAH!

I'm absolutely obsessed with my waterproof(ish) housing for my camera so of course I brought that to get some splash shots of the kiddos in the water! Ellie is totally fine to splash in the shallows, but she is scared for her life in the big ocean! She literally hold onto us for dear life ( which of course is a good thing! ) We totally don't have to worry about her jetting towards the water. 

The boys attempted to fish while us gals lounged around, and get this...david even got a few shots of me too HECK YES! haha