Boho Maternity Photo Session , Saint Petersburg FL Maternity Portraits

Kate’s Baby Bump Photo Session

Are you ready to be mesmerized by a beautiful soul? Kate’s maternity session in Saint Pete was a flippin dream ya’ll! Saint Pete is full of so many hidden gems like this spot on my secret locations list! It comes complimentary with peacocks, giant elephant ear plants, ferns ferns and more ferns. Pretty much a photographers dream! Nothing beats jungle vibes mixed with majestical birds.

*don’t be fooled, peacocks do not care for the camera. Getting them into any of the shots was such a challenge!

I have known Kate since way back. Seeing her transform from a loving wife to momma has been such a beautiful experience to witness. Getting to document each of her milestones as a momma has been truly heartwarming for me. ( don’t worry I will be blogging her newborn session & breastfeeding session soon! )

One thing I love about working with Kate is that she is down for whatever I throw her way ( figuratively speaking ) there’s nothing better than knowing you and your vision is trusted. This truly helps pump out some beautiful art and a unforgettable photo session experience.

One of the things Aaron ( kates hubby ) said at their image reveal that really stuck with me was that one of the images looked like a cover to a novel. That truly made me feel like a million bucks. The fact that I was able to produce something so beautiful for it to be interpreted that way just confirms that what I’m doing is so much more then taking a photograph.