SELF PORTRAITS, we've all been there and we all know the struggle. Unless you have 6 arms, and arms that are 5 feet long at that - it's nearly impossible to take a self portrait with a dslr in your hand. Luckily there are plenty of ways to accomplish some glamorous portraits of yourself without wanting to pull out too much of your hair haha! Regardless of how you do it, be warned it is hard - but it can be done, and once you get your own system down it's quite fun. 


- A TRIPOD - OR FLAT STURDY SURFACE - keeping your beloved equipment aka camera baby safe is most important. 

- A REMOTE TRIGGER - if you do not own one you can simply put your camera on a timer, however gauging your focus and running back to the same exact spot after pressing your trigger is bound to make you throw a fit - remotes start at $10 online - so I just suggest buying one! Save your sanity. 

OPTIONAL: CAMERA APP - some DSLR's come equipped with wifi capabilities, my camera does. Canon offers a phone app that allows you to live view, adjust settings, and also press the shutter from your phone - total game changer ya'all! I'm not certain if NIKON offers a equivalent app, but I don't see why they shouldn't. 


// STEP 1 //

find your spot, and setup around it.

*Add a fan for some wind blowing effects if your feeling glamorous, or simply if it's hot as hell in front of that window with the good light your most likely in front of. ( hahaha ) To get a good idea of how the light hits you, perhaps grab a mirror or take some quick snapshots with your phone to get an idea of the light around you.

//STEP 2 //

start clicking away + embrace your beauty. 

P.S don't forget to have fun, practice makes perfect! 

have any questions? comment below + I'll get back to you!!! Click away ;-)