SHP | A boy and his mommy

Being a mother of a independent strong willed little boy has been full of random grey hairs, ear drums exploding, countless headaches from excessive screaming, and lots of little arguments with a 6 ( going on 20 ) year old...

but I would not trade it for the world. I was so blessed to have a little boy as my first born! He has taught me so much, and I just adore watching him smash around his action figures, dig in the dirt, be destructive, jump on everything, and attempt to do everything himself even though he can't. From the moment he learned to put a spoon up to his mouth to feed himself he would NOT let me feed him anymore at all - I've known from the beginning I would have my hands full with him and boy do I! 

He looks like his daddy, but he sure does have my personality traits, which is scary at times, it's almost like looking in a mirror at myself. - sorry future girlfriends for the emotional little monster I've created hahaha

All the hard stuff aside when I look into his beautiful big brown eyes, watch his chubby little cheeks as he talks, and stare at his every expression I realize how lucky I am to call him mine.