SHP | Halloween 2015 | Seminole, FL

First I'm gonna start by saying, WOOHOOO! Halloween actually fell on a weekend day this year! I tend to get a little over excited about small stuff haha, anywho.....

Our trick or treating was pretty short lived - which was fine by me, not only was it super hot out - thanks FLORIDA -_- but we where all super thirsty - ew! J was a little aviator, and rhiannon was a vampire - who's teeth/fangs did not work which she was super upset by, I was a kitty kat - because I'm cheap and do everything last minute, david just threw some red paint on a shirt and called it a day haha! Our good friends tagged along and J got to spend the evening with one of his little best pals Marley, and Caiden got chocolate wasted ( literally ) and had me dying from a cuteness overload!

Halloween was a success in my book.

 Good riddance SACRED DAY OF CANDY, till next year!