so the cat is out of the bag...

last weekend I "attempted" to make my own promo video and epically failed at it! I literally spent all day last Saturday attempting it and we eventually went to a park so I could get some clips of me taking photo's of jaiden, it went bad and I got zero good footage story of my life haha! I did however snap some pics - of course and those turned out lovely so it wasn't a total loss I suppose. 

As you can see I have ZERO upper arm strength, and I'm so outta shape it's not even funny...tis a work in progress, I'm on a diet + my tax money will be going towards a bicycle, a fitbit, and a bike rack for my car! I'm beyond sick of looking like the michelin man...back boobs are not cute and I'm no longer comfortably fitting into my big ass jeans...I refuse to get any bigger. No I'm not putting myself down just keeping it real...because life is too short to be fake all the time ya feel me?