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Day in the life photography | Our first week of summer

Not even gonna try to glamorize the start of our summer break, quite frankly it’s been uneventful…but regardless I made a personal goal for myself to make sure I document our summer not matter how uneventful it might be! Turns out boring is quite magical…

Due to the recent rainy weather we've been inside, I find myself juggling working from home and mothering my little babe so the day's fly by so quick it seems! 

Here's a little rundown of our first week of Jaiden's Sumer break...we left the house maybe twice to literally go get coffee hahaha One of those day's being international donut day, and I of COURSE captured that! 

Ellie found Jaidens old digital camera, she has never seen a camera like that or seen any of us use one and she knew exactly what it was and how to do it ( my mind was blown and my heart melted ).

Jaiden killed me one night when I heard them in the bathroom and I turn the corner to see him helping her brush her teeth, like OH MY GAWD MY BABIIIIIIIES! The way she looks at him during those moments ... I can't even! 

Lets not forget Ellie tearing up some PHO sitting in the middle of the floor being totally adorable haha! 

I'd say documenting the first week was a total success! I plan to make this a weekly blog thingy thing, but I can't promise anything hahahaha!


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