St. Pete FL breastfeeding photo session | Kim + Oliver

Saint Petersburg FL breastfeeding photo session

Kim + Oliver 

These 2 right here have taken quite the special place in my heart!!! Kim found me on instagram, after moving to FL from California, and we just instantly clicked!! I was so ecstatic to learn more about her breastfeeding journey during their St. Petersburg Breastfeeding photo session! Kim is one amazing momma, who also shares a love for babies, birth, and breastfeeding, with the hopes of one day becoming a midwife!!

Her son Oliver has such a contagious little smile, and the cutest little walk if I might say so myself! haha Oliver + Ellie are now pals...well Oliver likes Ellie, she is not quite sold on him yet hahaha but one day they will be such pals! 

These are the types of relationships I cherish so so much as a photographer. My clients are not just clients, they become my friends! Getting to play a role so important in documenting their story, and staying in touch far beyond the session is everything to me! I say this every time I blog but...I have the best friends a gal could ask for! 



p.s if breastfeeding & the sight of TATA's offends you, this is not the blog post for you!!! ;-) 

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