St. Petersburg Family Photography | Christmas 2018

St. Petersburg Family Photography | Christmas 2018

Documenting the Holidays

Christmas time, oh how I love but hate you at the same time.

Now before you disown me hear me out haha!

The holiday season is stressful for me. Money, less hours of daylight, busy streets, and swamped stores. The holidays where much more magical as a child. Isn’t it crazy that when we where younger we just had these amazing memories of the holidays, and yet we had no idea how stressed out our parents probably where? We are all just striving to give our kids the holiday experience we had ( or didn’t have ).

As hard as the holiday season is when your a grown up, with adult responsibilities, and never ending bills, and more bills they can still be quite magical. For me the magical parts of the season are documenting the holidays. Capturing the excitement of the kids, and making memories and new traditions is what it’s all about for me.

Due to a heavy work load my family fun traditions where all quite last minute, but they HAPPENED!!!! We braved the crowd and took the kids to see the Christmas lights in downtown St. Pete, We baked and decorated cookies, and we got to witness the pure joy on our kids faces seeing their gifts.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday’s! This year I decided to focus on a family film, but did manage to take some photo’s as well!

Enjoy!!!! xox0