St. Petersburg Family Photography | Easter 2018

St. Petersburg Family Photography


Easter for us is typically a pretty chill day, we usually find ourselves out and about finding food at whatever place is open, we do a small yard egg hunt, and then total laziness to follow! Which for me did not last long since I had a session in the evening. 

Ellie's TUDE is quickly becoming more and more of a hulk rage, David took away her m&m's ( which in her defense I mean come on you don't touch a girls chocolate...) anyways she lost her shit haha! She's going through this phase of hitting herself when told no, hitting everyone or anything else around her, screaming at the store, running off... yeah we've hit that terrible two phase a bit early ( yay -_- ). She's still cute though...

I've decided to not put the camera down during the "diva" moments because I wan't to really just document things as they are, and I always strive to do that as best as I can anyhow. Be prepared for a shit ton of screaming Ellie moments!

As for the bigger turd Jaiden, he pretty much did the whole egg hunt, played catch, then hit the crap out of some bubbles with a good old stick.