Tampa Bay Newborn Photography | Fresh 48 Session | Silas

St. Josephs Womens Hospital Tampa FL

Fresh 48 Photo Session, Baby Silas

Born April 25th  / 8 pounds 6 oz

I cannot believe I'm saying this right now but...since I started photography back in 2012 I have never documented a fresh 48 session! How bizarre right? After this St. Josephs Womens Hospital Fresh 48 session I fell head over heels! I need to do more of these, like a lot more of these!!!!!!!

These are the fresh moments full of emotion, exhaustion, and pure bliss following the birth of your babies! I remember after having Ellie I just soaked in every single moment in the hospital ( I had my camera of course, and David did a great job as well documenting everything I couldn't! ).

Newborn babies truly change so much especially within the first month of life so I think it's super important to document them when they are brand new! I did Silas's in home newborn session a week or so later and he looked completely different! Get those tiny little wrinkled faces, feet, and hands! haha

Enjoy Baby Silas!!! <3