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So your expecting! Your day’s of searching all things baby are in full swing! Your probably doubling your time spent on pinterest and pinning your heart out ( I’m guilty of this hahaha!! ) For me the moment I found out I was pregnant all self control flew out the window and I just could not help myself but to spend countless hours on the internet daydreaming and planning everything. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Planning ahead is a good idea, especially when it comes to your investing in your Maternity & Newborn Photo’s.

One thing I want to mention is that aside from the real necessities that come along with a newborn baby ( diapers, breast pump, clothes, bassinets, crib, blankets ) There’s plenty of things we might not “need” but spend top dollar on.

What about your memories? This is the one thing that is completely priceless and holds a endless amount of sentimental value. We cannot get our memories back. It’s truly so important to invest in and document our journey through motherhood. This is why I put together this little guide to help you choose when it’s best to not only start your search for your photographer, but when to book them…

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Honestly I don’t think it’s a bad idea to look in advance. I would say after you get past the safe zone of your pregnancy it would be a wonderful idea to start fully planning everything!

I know personally how nerve-wracking waiting for your first doctors appointment can be. Waiting nervously to hear that little heartbeat and knowing your baby is healthy. I would say anytime after 12 - 15 weeks would be a great time to start looking for your photographer.

Your dream photographer might be someone you have to save up and budget for. Getting an idea in advance of pricing and details will help a lot! Some photographers book out pretty far in advance as well so please keep that in mind when contacting them.


Ahhhh that is the question! This partly falls onto you and what you want in terms of bump size, and this partly falls onto your photographer and their preference.

Not all photographers are the same in terms of when they think it’s best to document your pregnancy. This was recently a topic of discussion in a local photo group I’m in and everyone’s answers where different. I’m gonna break it down for YOU in terms of what and why.

Do you want a cute little baby bump for your images? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. We all literally carry our babies differently. Some of us really POP early on and some of us conceal that sweet little babe quite well haha! I would say base this off of how your carrying and ultimately how big of a belly you want to have. You don’t want you bump to be too small as this could be very hard to document in certain clothes, and photograph from certain angles limiting variety with your photo session.

So when is the best time in my opinion? I tell all of my mommas between 25 - 35 weeks of pregnancy is ideal based off of how their carrying.

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If your a first time mom and your reading this you might not have a clear idea of what to expect in the tail end of your pregnancy haha! Lots of discomfort, pain and water retention! So much fun!!! ( said no one ever )

I personally don’t prefer to document pregnancy past 35 weeks due to these few factors.

In the last month of pregnancy we are in so much discomfort, we are pretty much over it and want that baby out! Maternity sessions can run anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Lets face it being on our feet for that long when pregnant can be painful especially on our backs. As a photographer the last thing I want is for my clients to be in pain or discomfort. I want you to feel like a boss ass maternity goddess who’s got a paparazzi following you around like the queen you are!

The last 4 weeks of pregnancy can also be a big question mark in terms of labor and delivery. Booking a maternity session in the last 4 weeks will not only make your photographer very nervous, but as a professional and momma of 2 I think it’s best to stay close to home or your hospital within the last phase of pregnancy because you never know when it’s GO TIME. Labor and Delivery can be a very fast or very slow process we are all different!

Also lets touch base on that water retention thing again haha! Oh late pregnancy swelling how wonderful you are. Some of us get hit with swollen legs and some of us just slightly puff up everywhere. While this is not a deal breaker this could be avoidable to document by booking a little earlier.

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Hell no! It’s not too late! I have had momma’s book me as late as 1 day before their induction. Sometimes we don’t realize how important documenting this phase of our journey is until the very end when things start to become very “real” and that’s ok! I think as mommas we tend to put everyone before ourselves so maybe in our minds documenting your pregnancy is not as important as documenting your newborn baby.

The fact of the matter though is that these are both important milestones in your journey. The road to motherhood is a bumpy ride. Not everyone is lucky enough to conceive on their own, and for some it’s taken years and years. Maybe you where told it would never happen and here you are! This is about you and your story!

Documenting your pregnancy and your body is just as important as documenting your baby. Your body has nourished this gift within you and will continue to do so in the months following your birth. Motherhood is fucking beautiful and magical in every way!!!! Don’t miss out on remembering this time forever. It truly is a miracle what our bodies can do.

Have any questions? Drop them below in the comments and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy! Want to stay connected? Be sure to join the newsletter & follow the fun on IG below! <3

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