What clients do that photographers love


So much time goes into finding your dream photographer and there's nothing more exciting then really vibing well with your photographer on many levels! Trust me when I say we love when we click well with our clients! <-- no pun intended - but it happened *bonus points for me* In fact many of our clients turn into really good friends, and some even feel like family to us.

I don't know about you guys, but when I find something I just LOVE whether it be a product, restaurant, business, blog, or video I cannot wait to share it with the world and give it all the love I can! Which is why I thought it would be so informative + fun to share exactly what the places + people behind the things you love ( in this case photographers ) love that YOU do!

First of all You guys are awesome, and NONE of us would be where we are without YOU so shout out to you guys - your the real MVP's! ha

Alrighty lets get started!



1. When you share, like, and tag your friends on our post's!

You guys have no IDEA how much we love this, and how helpful it is to our business. In fact you probably have NO IDEA how much we rely on you doing so, but won't literally say so because we don't want to be annoying, but let me explain further!!! 

Years ago us small little business owners could post onto our business pages and everyone would see our posts, in recent times things have changed. Great for big business, not so much for us little fellas.

How so? Due to ever changing algorithms and money ( yes money ) our post's go unnoticed unless we pay to promote every single thing we post  - You guys ... there has literally been moments where I have posted my BEST work ever and got NO RESPONSE, NONE. No one saw it! Which makes me feel like my work is terrible because no one "liked" it ( that is the sad reality of social media these days - no likes = no love ). Imagine pouring your heart and soul into creating your best magical piece of art, your proud, your excited, you put it out there into the world and...SILENCE! It's such a sad feeling!

The algorithms are to designed to show people things they "like" so for example if you consistently "like" certain people, places, clothing, restaurants posts,  social media will show you things similar to that in your newsfeed.  It's almost creepy sometimes how social media knows what you want to buy - ever wonder why those little ad's on the side of your fb page show you things you where looking at online? yeah! It's called target marketing! 

Point of this is that if you like, comment and share our stuff  you will start to see it more. This will not only make us feel like a million bucks, but it's also CRUCIAL for us small business owners -  our stuff will start to show up in your feed, your friends feed and so on and so forth! This helps us gain exposure to our little business of love! It's downright awesome sauce! 

So remember if you see something you like - "like" it, share it, comment on it !!! Engage with us - we are cool people! 

2. Behind the scenes Pictures + video's - umm yes please!!!!!!! 

We literally spend most, if not all our time behind the camera taking the photo's. One thing we love is seeing photo's of us doing what we love! It is such a nice surprise, and for some odd reason seeing yourself do what you love makes you feel amazing about what you do. 

It reminds us of our passion in that moment and it's super exciting to see that you guys love us enough to sneak pics of us while we are hard at work - and no it's not creepy at all! Send them our way, post them online, tag us, tag our business...BRAG about how fricken awesome we are haha, we love that shit. 

BTS footage can also help other potential clients gauge what a session with us looks like , which could then prompt them to book us! I mean who can resist them photographer stances? we get dirty, we get covered in nature, we get attacked by said nature, we do ANYTHING for the shot - ( these are prime moments to document - we can all laugh about it later )  *check out this classic pose below - #squatsfordays , how low can you go?


3. When you ask about clothing options and ideas for your session.  

We LOVE when you show up to your shoot looking and feeling like a gazillion bucks, but let's be honest here ... we've all had those moments when we look back and think " wow, did I really wear that? " - you do not want to have one of those moments when getting your pictures taken professionally. Fear not, we are here to help!

Most of us have put together some sort of clothing guide for our clients for outfit inspiration and tips! Whether it be a pinterest board or a section on our website.

Some of us even have clothing options for you to wear!  Say what!?! Yes we sure do! For example photographers who specilaize in Maternity might have a beautiful collection of maternity gowns for you to chose from, or a newborn photographer might have accessories, clothing, and newborn wraps etc. I personally have a small ( but growing ) collection of Maternity dresses, and also Miscellaneous Girls clothing and it's addicting to buy these things haha!

*Communication is key here, we love when you email or text us photo's of the outfits you've put together, or even show us photo's of stuff you've seen in the store. Don't be afriad to ask our advice! Most of us have a certain aestetic that goes with our brand stylistically, so if you look through our portfolio and see a trend there, chances are that is our "style" and that is what we love to shoot, so our vision board + outfit guide will most likely match that, don't worry we will help guide you through fitting your personal style with ours and blending them together perfectly. 

4. Leave reviews about your experience with us. 

This one almost falls under #1 but I figured this one needed its own explanation as well! 

Most new potential clientele come from word of mouth recommendations or reviews. The chances of someone choosing your business over another can be solely based on how someone elses experience with this place was. When you leave a bomb ass review about your experience with us, your assuring others that they are not going to regret choosing this business for their needs. 

With today's technology and endless social media outlets there is so many different places to share your experiences, but In my opinion the best places to leave reviews are: google, facebook, and yelp! We LOVE and appreciate reading your kind words more than you know!

* and sometimes we ugly cry after hearing your kind words, for real it means the world. <3

5. When you trust us 100%, believe in our visions + ideas as weird as they may sound!

Don't worry, we got you! Every silly thing we make you do has a reason behind it. As professional photographers we have spent so much time researching, and trying out methods that work for us to achieve creative success with our clients. I often say " The best moments we document come from the most awkward moments" why? Because they are genuine and vulnerable.


I cannot even TELL YOU how awesome it is when you guys are down for anything we ask, and there has been times I have asked things expecting a HELL NO and got a HELL yes, now that is what I'm talking about! 

6. When you show up on time. 

We totally understand if your running behind for reasons out of your control, traffic, car trouble, kid trouble, potty problems haha - we get it! 10 minutes late - no problem, 30 minutes late ... we start to worry ... 1 hour late ... oh man we are freaking out inside.

Hold on, let me explain why! Most photographers schedule their sessions around prime shooting time for sunlight, and some ( such as myself) prefer the very last ounces of sunlight to shoot. Once the sun starts to set ( or rise ) is really gives no fucks and just keeps on going - and it goes fast like ricky bobby!

If you arrive super late to your session we might have to re-schedule depending on the time + light. One thing you do not want is to feel rushed, and we don't want to rush through your session. This takes fun time to get creative away, and that's the whole reason we love what we do! GETTING CREATIVE. So please, be on time!  If you are running behind let your awesome photographer know and this will make things go much smoother! 

7. When you let the kids be kids. 

Kids do not want sit still, they don't want to say cheese and smile for the camera, and they sure as heck do not care about keeping their clothes clean as much as we wish they would haha! Please do not stress out if your kids are not looking directly at the camera and smiling. They need time to warm up to us, and they need good vibes from you the parent's. 

We always try to implement fun activities into our sessions to make things entertaining for the kids so the process is not boring for them or stressful for you! We have many tricks up our sleeves!! Be sure to let us know if there's anything your kids find hilarious or love that you do, we would love to document it for you. 

*Speaking on behalf of the lifestyle photog's out there - we LOVE when your kids run wild, act silly, and get all dirty. We live for that shit or at least I do haha! 



Let me end this by saying that what we love most of all that you chose US out of everyone to document the moments that mean the most to you. It's truly an honor and we so so so so thankful for you all.