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Pinellas County Newborn Portraits

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You guy's might recognize this perfect little family from their maternity + fresh 48 photo sessions with me! Rachel is a dear pal + fellow photographer whom I just cannot get enough of ( clearly! ). In home lifestyle newborn portraits are my favorite. I truly love + have so so so much respect for all the posed studio newborn photographers out there, it's such hard work! I went through a very brief period of time where I was attempting the newborn wraps and posing and it was not only super stressful for me, but it really just didn't feel like "me". My newborn photographic style is very much less is more. Just momma snuggling with her perfect little creations, daddy embracing baby in his arms, and siblings just doing their best to get some cuddle time in. To me that's perfect. 

Baby Silas was literally the most alert, and animated little fella I've ever photographed! His facial expressions where beyond adorable, and his big god don't even get me started on him!!! Literally the sweetest big brother ever. I am so happy for Rachel, there's nothing more you could ever ask for as a mother than to watch your first born just be as much in love with their sibling as you are. I feel like all of us who are momma's to more than one always have that fear of their first born not being interested, or jealous of their baby brother/sister, not the case for Levi. 

Enjoy this sweet perfect family <3