Tampa Bay FL, Portrait Photography | Mommy & Me Photo Shoot


tampa / st. pete beach portraits


It's probably no secret by now that I Samantha Hayn am obsessed with all the things surrounding motherhood! I cannot tell you how excited I am that I found my calling, my niche, my fricken destiny!! 

Motherhood portraiture truly is my heart and soul. so much of what inspires me in my art is my everyday life as a mother. A mother who has a scary bad memory at that!! if i don't write it down or take a photo of what's happening i will forget.

I want to remember all of the little moments. the little moments in-between the big events. I am archiving not only my family history, but all of the memories I will most likely forget when i'm old and grey. 

Let me also say, that being a mother is a gift, a gift that not everyone gets the opportunity to RECEIVE. so i take motherhood very seriously. whether you are a biological mother, a step mother, or an honorary mother. this is for you! 

Lets also talk about the fact that if we don't literally ask ( or pay ) for someone to take photo's of us with our kids, we end up in no photo's, why? because we are usually the ones taking them. I am a victim of this nonsense a lot haha surprised??? don'e be! it's so important to be in the photo's with your kids at least every once in awhile. They will want to look back at photo's of us with them, especially when our time on earth here is up. everyday is a gift. lets not forget that!

When Nika answered one of my model calls, and I saw novalee's sweet blue eyes i knew i had to get them in front of my camera. A photographers dream y'all. Nika was down for whatever. Have I ever mentioned I love when my clients just fully trust my vision? yup! I do. 

We played in the water, we smelted the flowers, and ultimately captured the love and connection between this perfect mother daughter duo. 

also check out nika's perfect long dark hair, like come on....wow!!!!