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so the cat is out of the bag… last weekend I “attempted” to make my own promo video and epically failed at it! I literally spent all day last Saturday attempting it and we eventually went to a park so I could get some clips of me taking photo’s of jaiden, it went bad and […]


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Literally so excited and in love with these pics from yesterday I had to post a blog! These truly exude so much of my emotions it’s not even funny. Struggling with anxiety + depression photography has played such a beneficial role in expressing myself when my words simply cannot. I try to pour my emotions into […]


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Since we have come back from our vacation, I have just been hit with all sorts of inspiration, determination, and artistic ideas. For the first time in the past few years I’ve gotten a true vision of what I want my art to be.  I want my images to eradicate emotions, I want my art to […]

SHP | Fearless

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The Hayn/Thach 4th of July was very laid back and almost the equivalent of a lazy Sunday. We played with cheap sparklers and “fireworks” from the dollar tree, because we are cheap, and then watched all the fireworks go off in our neighborhood while sitting in the bed of Davids Truck.

SHP | Fourth of July

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He always puts up a fight to take a bath, but once he’s in there he’s pretty content I’d say! While me and my partner in crime where doing hard manual labor outside raking a years worth of leaves out of our yard Jaiden kept begging and begging to jump into the pool, and while […]

Samantha Hayn Photography | Personal Post | 3/14 – 3/22