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Life has been very trying in this past recent month, and we certainly all have our ups and downs in life. It’s all about how you decide to take the bad/negative/sad and overcome it. My personal story is this, I’m simply stuck. Stuck in debt, stuck at a job I don’t like, stuck working the […]

How to Set yourself up for Success

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Since we have come back from our vacation, I have just been hit with all sorts of inspiration, determination, and artistic ideas. For the first time in the past few years I’ve gotten a true vision of what I want my art to be.  I want my images to eradicate emotions, I want my art to […]

SHP | Fearless

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This is something I’ve been struggling with since the beginning of my photography. I always knew I wanted to capture the essence of certain moods with my photography, but sometimes figuring out how to incorporate that seems nearly impossible. “How so?” you ask… For example, I’m drawn to color, and bright light. I almost always favor […]

Samantha Hayn Photography | Shooting with intent to capture emotion