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A few weeks ago we traveled to Naples to not only visit our family, but also to photograph my sister in laws family! <3 After the session was over we walked around Naples Botanical Gardens and oh my gawd. This place was immaculate to say the least! No place I’ve ever been around these parts […]

SHP | Naples Botanical Gardens

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so the cat is out of the bag… last weekend I “attempted” to make my own promo video and epically failed at it! I literally spent all day last Saturday attempting it and we eventually went to a park so I could get some clips of me taking photo’s of jaiden, it went bad and […]


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Woohoo!!! It’s Friday ya’all!  Not only am I excited because it’s the brink of the weekend, but also because I have found some inspiration. [ finally ] On Wednesday evening I took myself to my secret spot to try to get myself out of this nasty, depressing, uninspired rut I’ve thrown myself into & I […]

Personal Project | Inspiration? Have I found you?